NDPP office inaugurated at 58th A/C Shamator-Chessore

Area office of Nationalist Democratic progressive party (NDPP) of 58th Shamator-Chessore assembly constituency was inaugurated at Shamator town on December 16.
A press release by NDPP 58th A/C general secretary, Dr. Tsukiumong stated that party workers of 58th A/C were convinced that NDPP would work tirelessly for road connectivity, quality education, basic health care and social security in the region.
The programme was chaired by Keomong, secretary, invocation by Rev. R. Thsankiu, pastor, STBC and welcome address delivered by by Ahoshe, correspondence secretary.
The short speech was delivered by Thsangla Lato, president, Women Wing, Tomukam, executive secretary, NDPP, Zuphong, vice president, youth wing, T. Yimto, advisor, Ruktsuba, V/P. Special number was presented by women wing, Shamator town & exhortation by T. Rithrong, V/P (Adm), NDPP whereas vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Tsukiumong(PT), general secretary.