About us

Principles & Values of the NDPP


        • Placing our trust and aspirations upon God Almighty, the NDPP will be rooted on the foundations of democracy and shall strive to carry the voice and aspirations of the people and reflect the desire and will of the masses.


        • The NDPP shall work to ensure social, economic and political justice in letter and spirit, while tirelessly aspiring to bring liberty in its true form for securing liberty of thought, expression and belief.


        • The NDPP commits that equality of status, equality before law and equality of opportunity shall be the pillars of its foundations


        • The NDPP shall strive for transparency, freedom of speech and expression, respect for human rights, realization of gender equality, empowerment of the youth and genuine care for the aged and differently-abled.


        • The NDPP shall work towards creation of a society that is secure, just and inclusive, with an approach that blends tradition and heritage with modernity and change, while preserving the rich culture and heritage of the people.


        • The NDPP will usher transparency in governance, battle corruption and prejudice, thereby, ensuring equal and fair opportunity for one and all and introduce a culture and meritocracy.


        • The NDPP will work towards prevalence and rule of law, in order to guarantee respect and dignity to all and shun all forms of violence.


        • The NDPP shall combat social evils and work towards a society that recognizes merit, promotes innovation, supports creativity and allows art to flourish.


        • The NDPP shall redraw a fresh road map of progressive development, in order to usher in a new era of genuine peace and lasting prosperity with the active participation and involvement of all sections, particularly, the youth.


        • The NDPP shall be a party where all sections of the people can gather to resolve issues, affect public policies and implement systems of equal opportunity regardless of background. The people will be the genuine stakeholders of the party and the real high command of the NDPP will be the masses.