Mr. Chingwang Konyak


Designation: PRESIDENT

Born on April 24, 1943, in the remote village of Shiyong under Mon district, he rose to represent and serve the people at high constitutional posts at the State and National level.

    • Graduated from St. Edmunds’ College, Shillong under Guwahati University.
    • Served student organizations in various capacities, within and outside Nagaland.
    • Elected 7 times to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
    • 2 times Member of Parliament to the Lok Sabha.
    • A man ahead of his times, he organised social upliftment initiatives and literacy campaigns since the 1960s.
    • Apart from authoring three books; served in various capacities including Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliamentary Committees and Advisor of ENPO.
    • One of the most seasoned politicians in the region; a leader who has a clean image and has not been tainted by any controversy, or scam, in more than four decades of public life.